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Tagging Information

Before you spend your valuable time tagging an item, please be sure it meets these guidelines:

Supplies Required:
3x5 INDEX cards
Wire Hangers

1. Clothing must be on wire hangers. With the hanger hook pointing to the left (see picture), place tag horizontally on the right shoulder. Twelve months & smaller can be on plastic hangers if you cannot find enough wire ones. You can often pick up wire hangers at local thrift stores.  See General Info for more details on clothing guidelines.  On larger clothing items, such as maternity or dresses, please secure them with safety pins if they have a tendency to fall off the hanger. Your items won't sell if they're on the floor!

Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first, then turn the hanger over and pin the pants by the waist (see picture) to the backside of the hanger, with the pin catching the hanger to support the pants. Both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them. Pants hung on a separate hanger tend to come off the hanger and then get separated from the top. Pants or shorts sold alone should be hung as the picture shows, pinned at the waist. A great way to keep pants from sliding all over the hanger is to use paper-covered dry cleaner's hangers. They don't slide and stay neat looking, which in turn makes them sell better.

2. Use only 3x5 index CARDS, no thin paper, only card stock. Fill out cards following the diagram below.  Please follow the instructions to avoid confusion; cards should not be smaller or larger. We ask that you begin writing about 1/2 inch down from the top and put the pin in the blank area at the top of the card. Be sure ALL writing is below the pin. This will enable us to simply cut the card off when purchased, rather than unpinning it.
customer #                           2T
         Gray Old Navy Jacket

ND                                       $3

3. Prices will be in whole dollar increments starting at $1.  Place the price in the bottom right hand corner of the card. For more details on pricing, please see our pricing guidelines page

In the bottom left hand corner of the card write "ND" for no discount if you do not want the price reduced on Saturday.  Leave this corner blank if you do want them discounted on Sat.

The top left hand corner is where you place your customer number (first 2 letters of last name and last 4 digits of phone number).

Top right hand corner is for the size or age range of a toy.

4. Group small items together in a ziploc bag, card pinned on outside of the bag. We also recommend sealing the top closed with clear packaging tape to keep out small hands. Scotch tape and masking tape do not work well. Pinning your tag through the mailing tape is also a secure place for your tag, as pins come off the ziploc bags easily.

5. For sets of books, videos, or CDs, try to group no more than 2 per set. Please do not bag them, they are often separated from the set and the tag, making it impossible for you to be paid for them. Tie sets with string in a 4-square. Pin your card to the string, being sure the pin goes through the card twice.

6. For shoes, pin shoes together with a large pin or twist tie, then pin tag to the connecting pin. Be sure to pin your tag to your shoes, not the shoe box. Plastic bags aren't necessary, and the tags come off them easily.

At drop off inspection, any inconsistencies will have to be re-done on your time. Please email us with any questions before investing your time!