Wed. 3/25 - Fri. 3/27 10-7 pm
Sat. March 28th, 8 -1 pm

We'll be located at 113 N. Kickapoo St. Lincoln
, IL 62656


Why should I shop at Butterflies?
Butterflies Kids' Sale is your one-stop source for all your children’s needs and a great way to make money on things you can no longer use.We will have hundreds of children’s items for all ages, from infant to teen. At Butterflies we try to provide ample shopping space to display all types of merchandise, from equipment, toys, shoes, books, and clothing items.  We work very hard at being organized and professional.  Our consignors get top dollar for their items, and we are diligent in our bookkeeping.  It is a win-win situation for consignors and shoppers!

What are the benefits of consigning?
1. You can make money selling your discarded clothes, toys, furniture, etc. The hassle of advertising and displaying your items for sale is taken care for you, and Butterflies will bring you a much higher price than garage sale prices. You will make 60% of the selling price, which you set yourself.

2. Buy anything you need for your children at one-half to one-third of the retail prices. It’s also a great way for grandparents to get things to keep at their house for the grand kids.

3. You will get a pass to the presale that is for consignors only, getting to shop before the general public. Since each consignor prices their own items, you will get first choice of the lower priced items! Consignors also have the chance to work during the sale and shop the Half-Price Presale Friday night.

What types of things are for sale?
Anything and everything for kids from infant to teen – including maternity. We have a large selection of clothing in every size, shoes and books, toy tables, baby accessories, and we may have equipment such as strollers, furniture, and large outdoor toys. We have bedding, sports equipment, videos, CDs, and much more.

When is the next sale?
We have two sales each year, one in March for spring/summer items and one in September for fall/winter.

Our next sale will be held at 113 N. Kickapoo St., Lincoln, IL 
This space is formerly O'Dounoughue's.
Wed. 3/25 -  Fri. 3/27 10-7 pm
Sat. 3/28  8-1pm    <-- many items will be half price

What payments are accepted?
We accept cash and personal checks with 2 phone numbers. There will be a $25 fee for any returned checks.

What are some helpful shopping tips?
Bring a friend and make it a mom’s day out! Bring a large bag or laundry basket to help you carry all your selections. Make a list of sizes and needed items before you come. Be sure to check in both the boys and the girls for your sizes. We have lots of unisex items, such as Gap, Levi’s, etc. Inspect everything you plan to purchase. We do our best at inspection, but cannot possibly catch everything. All sales are final.

What is the selling split or fee?
As a consignor, you will get 60% of the selling price, and Butterflies will get 40%. There is a $7 participant’s fee that will be deducted from your check.  Butterflies Kids' Sale benefits the Woven Together Adoption Fund.

How can I become a consignor?
Consignor numbers will be placed in the top left hand corner of the 3x5 card.  You will use the first two letters of your last name and the last four digits of your primary phone number.  We hope this system will allow you to get started right away. We’d love to have you join us! Please contact us as soon as you can to get a drop off appointment: 217-871-8488

How do I price my items?
We generally recommend ½ to 1/3 of the retail price you paid for the item new, factoring in size and condition. We ask you only bring items that are in excellent condition. Ask yourself "Would I buy what I'm bringing in at the price I am asking?" If you will be donating your items that don't sell, please consider letting them go half price. Getting half price for an item is better than getting nothing!  You will be able to choose prices in whole dollar increments starting at $1. For more details on pricing, please see our pricing guidelines page.

What can I expect at drop-off?
You will bring all your items in and check in at the desk. Our worker will give you any instructions you need, and you’ll fill out all your paperwork, get your passes, etc. While you are doing paperwork, we will inspect your items. If there are not enough staff, you may be asked to hang your clothing in the correct size. Bringing it presorted is very helpful with this process.

Why should I get a drop-off appointment now?
Drop-off is by appointment only. They are scheduled in 20-minute increments. You choose a specific time to drop off when you get your consignor number. This allows us the opportunity to remind you of your appointment when the sale draws closer, and help other consignors set an appointment that doesn’t overlap yours.

How can I become a volunteer worker?
Go to our Volunteer page for all the details. Our workers shop before the Presale and get to shop the Half-Price Presale! The shifts fill up quickly, so contact us as soon as possible.

What is the VIP Tagging service? 
The VIP tagging is a service we offer to those who just can't find the time to get their items ready, but want to sell them and also come to the presale. Check out the VIP tagging page for all the details.